Terra Noble

Terra Noble
 is located at the highest point of Puerto Vallarta`s Center, it is surrounded by an ecological reserve called “Agua Azul” it‘s interlocked in the exuberant jungle of the Sierra Madre. In the middle of a beautiful esplanade an impressive architectonic work called “Villa Kenya”witness the panoramic view.


To understand Terra Noble concept it is necessary to make a review of Jorge Rubio’s backgrounds, Jorge is a traveler that has been all over the world learning ways of living in harmony with the environment, different expressions of art and ancient as well as modern techniques of healing body and soul.


Terra Noble is a multicultural expression set up where several activities are always happening, like:

  • Spa Services offering its individual and group guests, forms of healing as well as beauty treatments, massages, and sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Artistic workshops for groups searching to unlock their creative potential learning hands on clay modeling and painting.
  • Perfect setting for gala events such as weddings and special theme parties.
  • Seminars and conferences for business groups allowing them review the past, evaluate the present and establish their business or personal goals and priorities for the future.