How To Plan your Wedding Renewal

Maybe you are like many couples who If your friends and family could not all be there for your wedding or you simply want to again pledge your commitment to one another (perhaps for an anniversary), you should consider having a vow renewal ceremony. It can be as modest or as elaborate as you and your husband or wife would like.  Doing a destination wedding renewal is the popluar new trend here in M exico  we are seeing  at Vallarta Vows

Here’s how to plan a vow renewal ceremony:


1. Pick a date


Much like your wedding, you have to decide when is the right time . An anniversary or a date that is special to the two of you would be a nice touch. If you’re planning to invite guests, choose a date when they will be able to attend. A vow renewal in the middle of the week, for example, might garner many “no” responses because most people work then.


2.  Choosing a site or Venue

You could return to the place where you were originally married. But that wouldnt be that exciting. That is where the whole idea of a tropical paradise comes in Viola!!!  Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  You can have it on the beach or at the Malecon with the romantic arches and historical Guadalupe church in the back ground





3. Fina an Officinant:


That’s easy  Vallarta Vows!


4.  Write your Vows:

We  can help you do that. Maybe you want to incorporate the whole family or new members with a unity Sand ceremony.  But you will need to do some thining or preparing on what and why your doing this…..but you can ad lib and just say the sweetest things that come to mind!!!



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Its great to have the whole family in tow . Its kinda a love fest!  We hope to see you soon in Puerto Vallarta for your destination wedding renewal!


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Robin Manoogian relocated to Mexico in 1999 from New York City where she worked as a Corporate Event Planner and a Director of Trade Shows. Her mission at Vallarta Vows is to create affordable beach weddings and she takes pride in her thoughtful intimate wedding ceremonies. She is a foodie and excels at creative menu planning .

Robin has been an ordained minister since 2003 and performs non denominational ceremonies in Spanish and English throughout Mexico.

Phone: (646) 216-8516

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